The Roasters

Each roaster supports a unique initiative that benefits the outdoor community and they provide tasty coffee roasts that get us out on the right foot every morning. By supporting these roasters, we're expanding the impact of our morning brew beyond the caffeine buzz as we strengthen our stewardship of the outdoor community that we belong to and the natural spans of the earth we love so much.

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North Fork Coffee Roasters | McCall, ID

North Fork Roasters is operated with the passionate heart and soul of Corinne La Bella - a skier, hiker, biker, fisherwoman and boater with cool mountain air running through her veins and an undying work ethic to boot. Learning to roast in a home popcorn maker, she had to have limits forced on her to prevent her from roasting the days into oblivion. With the craft dialed in, she became motivated to expand on the current coffee offerings in McCall, which were limited to primarily to dark roasts. She wanted flavor, vibrance and to taste the unique character of the beans, so she embarked on a mission to roast her own line that included medium and light roasts.

Leaning all-in, during 2016 she purchased a used small-batch San Franciscan SF-6 roaster, rented out the back of an old garage, and got to it.While working 2 jobs, she’s been building out her roastery with repurposed furniture while roasting hundreds of pounds of coffee for the local community along with outfitters like Middle Fork and Hughes River Expeditions.With the help of her family and boyfriend (who’s also a river and fly-fishing guide), North Fork has worked itself into the lifeblood of McCall, the state of Idaho, and the spirit of the outdoor community across the country.Built as a grassroots coffee roaster to give locals a buzz, The Roast Report is stoked to deliver the essence of North Fork nation-wide.

Mission to the community: Donating 10% of sales to the Redside Foundation during our feature month, while giving to other outdoor non-profits during other months. Sustainable business practices by minimizing waste: reusing coffee filters and bags, repurposing furniture for the shop build-out and giving coffee chaff and used coffee grounds to local farmers for compost.

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Copper Door Coffee Roasters | Denver, CO
Making a positive impact in the outdoor community by taking action is at the heart of the Roast Report’s mission. Copper Door Coffee Roasters is on board, as they offset 100% of their consumed non-renewable energy with wind power through Colorado’s Windsource program. The fee they pay to participate in the program supports existing wind farms and the construction of new windfarms throughout Colorado, increasing the amount of renewable energy that gets pumped into Colorado’s electrical grids for everyone to use. For those of us directing our purchasing power to the companies who are expanding the renewable energy industry and creating an environmentally sustainable economy, sipping on Copper Door coffee is a first-rate opportunity. Their Porta Aperta Espresso is also a Roast Report all-time favorite. 

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STOKED ROASTERS has redefined the term ‘stoke’ not just through their namesake, but through the bold positivity, motivation and inspiration they pour into the outdoor adventure community every day. Nothing will light up your mornings quite like their aptly named Double Overhead, First Tracks, or Dawn Patrol signature roasts – a full dose of STOKE delivered to your door.

Mission to the community: Each year, STOKED chooses a charity/non-profit to support. This year, the company and it’s owner, Jax Koudele, chose the Lymelight Foundation – an organization that provides grants to help children and young adults receive proper treatment for the disease. Koudele has also set out to raise money for the foundation through her personal mission to become the first female to complete the entire 4 Deserts Grand Slam Plus ultra running series. In addition, STOKED contributes to various other organizations such as Kiteboarding4Cancer, a program that gets those recovering from cancer into the outdoors as a form of therapy, and Columbia Gorge Kids, which supports school athletic programs.

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Treeline Coffee Roasters | Bozeman, MT

Guru’s of the farm-to-cup process, Treeline stands out for their obsession over the fine details. The team of self-proclaimed outdoor adventure nuts thrive on the mantra that, “your coffee should fuel you to do the things you love”. Simple in concept, yet Treeline takes every measure to ensure their roasts gear you up for full send, from visiting each country of their beans’ origins to verify ethical and sustainable sourcing, to creating high quality portable brewing options so that traditional instant doesn’t sour your dreams after a night under the stars. As part of The Roast Report’s unique offering, Treeline’s roasts are mindfully crafted in the spirit of your outdoor adventure.

Mission to the community: In addition to setting the standard for ethical coffee sourcing and developing personal relationships with their farmers, Treeline sponsors SheJumps, the organization making outdoor recreation more approachable and accessible to ladies worldwide. 

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Carabiner Coffee Co. | '71 VW Bus

Love for adventure doesn’t come through more clearly than with a coffee company based out of a ’71 VW Bus converted into a mobile coffee counter. For Carabiner, taking business to the road and bringing their signature roasted coffee to the people is their way of life and their way of gently inspiring others to try their own hand at exploring their outdoor passions. Their coffee van can only be in one locale at a time, which is why The Roast Report is honored to provide Carabiner coffee to you via our exclusive subscription delivery. Next time your looking to rack up or paddle out, one-up your day’s prep with a cup of Carabiner.

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ChickenSwitch | Dublin, OH

Founded by athletes and ethically roasted in support of athletes and youth. That’s what drew The Roast Report to ChickenSwitch. Not limited to the trees and the mountain tops, CS’s culture extends into the urban adventure arena of skate, snow, and cycling, striking a unique balance between humankind’s primal instinct for exploration and the impending invasion of urbanization. As part of The Roast Report's exclusive coffee subscription, ChickenSwitch’s top shelf roasts are your daily reminder that adventure is what you make it.

Mission to the community: ChickenSwitch supports a series of youth and outdoor oriented non-profits by contributing a portion of sales. Current and past non-profit partners include the Chill Foundation, which inspires challenged youth to overcome their personal obstacles through boardsports, Bikes Del Pueblo and PeopleForBikes, which both aim to improve conditions for cyclists in urban areas.