Who We Are 

The Roast Report is named after my daily morning routine of checking the various snow, wind, and wave condition reports, or taking in a full-body sensory observation if I’m off the grid, throughout the cycles of the seasons.
While the routine varies and the types of reports I’m scanning adapt to the changing seasons, there is always one delectable constant: coffee.
Combining the developing prospect of the day’s conditions and anticipated maneuvers with a delicious caffeine buzz has become ritualistic euphoria. My realization that this is the very moment that the adventure actually begins has drawn more thought into that percolated beverage consumed with such high frequency and pleasure.
Where did it come from? How did it get here? Who roasted it? What are the roasters like? Does this brew even taste good?
Uneasy by my responses, or lack thereof, I set out on a search for better tasting coffee from roasters that resonate with my lifestyle and values as an outdoor enthusiast.
I discovered the best tasting coffee I’d ever had, from roasters with an undying passion and stewardship for the outdoor community. Brands that spoke to me, as if they were extensions of myself. Unable to pick just one, I brought a bag from each roaster into my house.
Upon creating this singular coffee collection, representing a boundless spectrum of taste notes, textures, sensations, and emotions, The Roast Report was created.

What We Do

We’re proud to support the stewardship of these roasters by offering their expansive varieties of coffee roasts to outdoor enthusiasts across North America through a convenient, yet adventurous, coffee bean curation service.

 It’s within our mission to compound this stewardship even further by providing our own support to the outdoor community.

 We contribute a generous portion of profits to organizations and initiatives that we, and our customers, feel are vital to maintaining the well being of the outdoor community and our environmental resources.