Thump Genuine Coffee | November 2017


This is a bit more of a story than usual. It addresses the question I’m most frequently presented with: “How do you find your roasters?”

I was serving coffee to a flux of gear-scavengers at a Truckee gear shack’s Memorial Day tent sale, when a friendly store employee asked if I had heard of Thump Coffee Roasters in Bend, Oregon. 

In perpetual search of unique roasters, I browsed to Thump’s website first thing that night. Greeted by the roost of a cyclocross rider across the home page and a team of outdoor “ambassadors”, images of clear celebration of the outdoor lifestyle entranced me. I quickly placed a call to the owner, Bobby, to discover more about their mission and to get a taste for myself.

It wouldn’t be until I was in the basement of one of Reno’s neon high-rise casinos, donning my monkey-suit of a valet uniform, 15 minutes before my shift that I’d get a call back.

The smell of commercial grade laundry detergent tumbling through the linens down the hall combined with the steamy waft from the employee cafeteria, dubbed by top management as the “All Star Café”, had me in a dungy state of uncertainty about whether I should be getting into a discussion about coffee at that moment.

Entrusted by the maxim that great things are created during difficult and uncomfortable times, I took the call.

The initial sense of hesitation from Bobby put me on my back foot as he held up guard against our motives and our ability to embody the mission he has worked to tirelessly to bare. “Everyone is trying to make a positive impact these days. How do we know who’s real?” was his general outlook.

He mentioned that his coffee ambassadors are just a group of friends that love his coffee, happen to have a lot of fun outside and want to spread the word. Hardly elite. There was an air of humility about this that I liked.

The conversation was short. Continued correspondence would remain spotty and unsubstantial. My confidence in the partnership waivered.

Two months later, with a bit of persistence sending  my smoke signals their direction, awaiting confirmation, I finally broke the ice. They would see us for our mission to inspire, to celebrate a lifestyle of adventure and exploration, encouraging others to build the life they crave and truly want to live. They were on board.

They entrusted their genuine coffee to us, to deliver it to you – a genuine core of people who believe in the adventure that each day brings, whether that means diving into nature or professional endeavor.

Our discovery process is different every time. We’re proud to have discovered Thump and to feature their incredible coffee.

Let Thump inspire your month ahead. As you enjoy your coffee each morning, know they are at hard at work roasting, rooting for your day.