Sierra Pacific Roasters | July 2017 Feature Roaster


Following the chocolaty scent of fresh roasted coffee I entered the downtown Truckee industrial unit on the banks of River Street. Cinder block walls covered with a mosaic of empty bean sacks from around the world surrounding the Deidrich barrel roaster centerpiece. Brewing equipment lining the upper loft like gargoyles, guarding the artistry below. Gale Klenk was at work, sifting through “green” beans in the far corner, like a painter prepping her palette. I knew her Sierra Pacific Roastery would be the best to feature as the first from our local Tahoe area.

During her 20-plus year career as a ski-racing director with a 4am wakeup, spending time at home with her micro-roaster was a parallel passion and a means to a more exciting early morning brew. As experimentation sessions passed, she obtained a home roasting license and her desire to dive full spear into a coffee career gained momentum. The perfect moment came in 2015 when she purchased Sierra Pacific Roasters, pumping the company into its 20th year of existence in 2017.

In the same way that Gale is entrenched in the sights, sounds and smells of her manual roasting process, she’s in tune with her town and she feels a responsibility to extend love and support beyond her specialty grade roasts.

Motivated to help the Roast Report expand upon our journey, Gale has committed to contributing 10% of profits to the Tahoe Fund for the month of July!

It takes a movement to create these partnerships, and you’re right in the barrel of this wave!

Enjoy this Sierra Pacific and keep on ridin’ that barrel!