Kinetic Koffee | August 2017 Feature Roaster


Husband and wife team, Mark and Charlie, paid their dues in the outdoor industry and journeyed up to high-level positions. Mark is currently Sr Product Marketing Manager at Bell Sports/Vista Outdoor, and prior to starting her consulting career, Charlie was VP of Product Development at Yakima Products.

While building up their track record and developing jedi-like business skills, they built Kinetic Koffee as their outlet from the suit-and-tie shindigs and as a tool they could use to give back to their beloved Humboldt County on their own terms. Talk to Charlie (we did) and make no mistake, she and Mark are a powerhouse of business acumen, which is why they’ve been able to successfully build up their coffee craft, like blacksmith, into the strong charitable organization that it is today.

Wedged between Northern California coastline and lush green cow pasture, Kinetic is family owned and operated. Their daughter, Samm, runs the day-to-day operations.They’ve committed to donating a minimum of 10% of net proceeds to non-profits in their community, much of which naturally goes towards outdoor focused initiatives.

They’ve supported their local bike trail organizations for the past 10 years, helping build and maintain trails all over the county. In memory of their son, Navy SEAL, avid outdoorsman and climber, Kevin Ebbert, who was killed in Afghanistan in 2012, 100% of proceeds from their Frog Fuel Guatemala roast goes to his memorial fund and the Climb for the Fallen non-profit.

Kinetic Koffee is named for Mark and Charlie's love for human-powered outdoor activity: biking, hiking, skiing, climbing, surfing, and beyond.